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The Loanex Fast Cash Blog is for those among us that need both cents and a good dose of sense. As one of America's fastest growing personal finance portals, The Loanex Fast Cash is here to assist consumers with a full spectrum of their personal finance needs, including credit cards, debt consolidation, , loans, mortgages & refinancing, auto finance, bankruptcy, tax debt.

Many people who have sat through the process of obtaining a car loan at a dealership might wonder why anyone would want to undergo that whole process again in refinancing a new car loan. Here’s the good news, the process is much easier, quicker and can save you money every month. Although you are unlikely to see the thousands of dollars that a mortgage refinance can give you, if you’re interested in saving $40 to $50 dollars a month on your car payment that’s entirely doable.
Where do you begin? Your current lender is not a likely source, so one of the places where you can find the most lenders doing business in that marketplace is the internet. Many banks and other lenders have a simple easy process that will take only a few minutes of your time with minimal paperwork. They will pay off the old loan and execute a new contract with a new payment amount often within as little as a week’s time. The added possible bonus of a month with no payment is also an enticement.
Why would you want the opportunity to refinance a new car? Many buyers who have arranged financing through a dealership have found to their chagrin that better offers were available at a local bank or credit union and they want to access those lower interest rates and save some money. Some buyers who purchased their vehicle when their credit standing had suffered but who have since made significant improvement in their FICO score may find that the same lender who was uninterested in their business a few months ago will now consider a refinance at a more attractive rate than they currently have.
Looking for a source? You can start right here! Our simple application on our secure website can get the whole process started. We will find a lender for you who will be willing to refinance your new car. A couple words of caution make sure that all payments are credited during this process, there have been horror stories of repossessions during a refinance when payments were not made on time and/or credited properly. Remember a 2% interest rate savings on a car loan of $28,000 (the average new car price) can put some money back in your pocket every month!

Looked at your credit card statements recently? If you’re only able to make the minimum payments your baby could be a college graduate before it’s paid off! How do you get out from under that debt? You start with a plan!
a)      Assess what you owe in credit cards, revolving store charge accounts, medical bills.  Count rent, car payments, utilities etc. separately
b)      Aside from your paycheck what are your other assets? Own your home, have a savings account, stocks & bonds?
c)      Can you use any of these assets to settle debts?
Many people have found that getting out of debt can be as simple as a HELOC or Home Equity Loan or a personal loan if there credit rating is good enough. Since most all of these types of debt consolidation plan are less expensive to service than credit cards for many people this is the answer. None of this is going to do any long term good unless the spending habits that got you into this situation changes. Those who go right back to old habits find very quickly that rather than getting themselves out of debt they are more deeply in it.
With many news stories about American’s current efforts to reduce debt and to avoid incurring further debt this is one ”bandwagon” you want to get on! A plan that you set up and stick to can have you out of debt within 3-5 years and for those who have the ability to obtain a loan on their home most if not all of the interest is currently deductible. Credit card interest and other interest charges are not!
If you want help with setting up a plan, obtaining a home or personal loan you can find it right here at the We have debt consolidation assistance available and most will give you the first consultation for free. After that it’s strictly under your control and you can choose whatever plans or options work best for you. The application for assistance is simple, the website secure, inquire today about help to plan your road to debt freedom!

Refinancing car loans has gotten to be a big business; with lots of players in that marketplace but here are a few things that most all of them are looking for:

A car from the last 5 model years(some will take 7)
A vehicle upon which you owe less than its value
Good payment history (you’re not in default)
You owe at least $7500

The conditions under which you should consider applying for a refinance are:

Your credit score has improved since you took out the loan
The interest rate reduction is at least 2%

Car loan refinancing if you meet all these conditions can put some money back in your pocket or ease your financial burden each month.
If you need some help figuring out whether you meet some of these qualifications there are a number of internet sites which can give you an idea of your vehicle’s current value. A call to your current lender will get you the payoff figure for the loan. This figure can differ significantly from the number of payments times the amount method since like a mortgage, interest is frequently paid up front.
Next you need to look at your current financial status. If you were struggling with debts, a job loss or other factors which may have negatively impacted your credit score when you bought the car, but which have since improved you may be a good candidate for a refinance. It all begins with your credit report and score. It’s definitely good advice to have a recent copy whenever you are considering a financial transaction. The other factor is of course the interest rate that you are offered. If it’s not at least 2% lower, it’s probably not worth it to you. Some consider extending the contract to lower payments but this often results in a higher total cost despite the monthly reduction.
If you’re looking for a source for car loan refinancing considers the The lender you currently have will certainly not make you an offer, so consider us, we have the lenders available to provide auto refinancing and experts who will help you through the whole process. You may even end up with the bonus of a month with no car payment!

When you’re looking for a car loan whether it’s for the first time or the tenth it’s nice to know what you can expect and what you will need to obtain financing for your next vehicle purchase. Since some of you have experience in car buying, let’s start with the newbies.

W2 Provable income of at least $1500 per month
Self-employed people will need 2 years of tax returns
US Citizenship or resident alien status
18 years of age
Rent receipt/utility bill in your name

Got that? Next let’s take a look at your credit history. Do you have any? Remember to a lender, no credit car loan is in about the same category as someone whose credit is bad. Don’t know if you have or don’t know what it looks like? You are entitled by Federal law to a free copy of your credit report from each of the national credit reporting agencies annually. Get a copy and check it over carefully. Something incorrect on your report should be fixed before you apply for any auto loan, a few points on your score could make a dollars of difference to you!
If you find you have no credit and you can find a cosigner with good credit you will find that a loan is far easier to obtain and that the rates and terms can be much more attractive. A co-signer for those who are not familiar, agrees that in the event you can’t or don’t pay, they will. Don’t be surprised if they are hard to find! Down payments are next, 20% is industry standard but 10% or at least a $1000 dollars will really help get you approved.
Finally, look for a source that is used to dealing with credit of all types. A source like the has experience in obtaining credit for people whose credit scores range from no credit history to excellent. Our application is simple, site is secure and prompt professional service is just a click of the mouse away! Don’t get just any credit, get it through the LoanexFastCash, you’ll be glad you did!

We all talk about how much the” Great Recession” impacted and continues to impact millions of Americans.  We read stories about the growing number of families who have resorted to food stamps so that they may feed their families, foreclosures, repossessions etc. The list of the economic downturn’s onslaught upon individuals and families seems never ending. American society has been built upon mobility and the automobile and just because the economy got rough didn’t change our need for reliable transportation. Unfortunately it did have an impact upon many people’s ability to obtain financing for that very important part of American life.
So to whom do you turn when the old car is on its last tankful? For many people who used to just drive in, select, sign and drive off, that road is under repair and not available. The bad credit auto finance company is where they reluctantly turn. Don’t be discouraged, you don’t have to go down to the corner to Slitherin’ Sam’s Slightly Used Cars and be attacked by high pressure sales people that tell you they can get credit for anybody!  You can start right here! has a nationwide network of dealer/lenders that can provide bad credit auto financing from dealers in your community that you know and trust.
Bad credit car financing companies make it sound as if you are forced to deal with people who are little better than the loan sharks of gangster movies. When in reality, they are simply lenders who have experience in and are willing to take the risk of financing people whose current situation probably doesn’t reflect their past. Not only can they generally obtain financing for those with distressed credit but in the process they help rebuild credit back to what it once was. Are the rates higher than what you see advertised, yes they are. To tell you anything else would be a lie, but you can be assured that the loan rates and terms that you find here will be competitive for credit of this type.
So if the “Great Recession” hasn’t treated your finances too kindly, take the opportunity to explore what the can offer you. Simple application, secure website, prompt professional service and bad credit car financing from people you know and can trust!

In the world of auto finance there are many credit scores. Most of us know about FICO and its range from 300 to 850. 850 is nirvana and 300, well let’s not go there. With nearly 50% of Americans with scores under 675 since the economic downturn that began in 2007 the credit rating for car financing has been a moving target. Once a 540 would get you a car loan, albeit at a very high rate of interest, and then 540 would get you rejected by all but the buy here/pay here pirates. Good news is that a 540 will again get you a loan, you’ll have to pay a high interest rate but it is available from sources other than those we mentioned earlier.
Your credit score for auto finance purposes pretty much dictates the terms you’ll be offered and the size of loan you’ll be able to get. So when you’re preparing to buy your next car the best place to start is your credit report and the credit score which is derived from it. Check the report over carefully, any errors should be corrected as soon as possible. It’s preferable that you complete the corrections if any before you start to shop because the difference of a few points on your credit score can possibly save you hundreds of dollars in interest charges as well as a lower car payment every month.
How is your credit score derived? Here’s a quick breakdown:

35% is your payment history (on time, late and how late factor in here)
30% is credit utilization how much of your credit limit is being used
15% is the length of your credit history
10% is the type of credit used (credit card, installment loan, mortgage)
10% recent hard credit inquiries ( generated when an individual is seeking a loan or applying for a credit card)

If you are in the market for purchasing your next car consider the as a source for your next auto financing. We have a national network of dealer/lenders, a quick and simple application, a secure website and professionals who can get financing for almost any credit score!

Cash out refinancing, the way that many American chose to finance the lifestyles they wanted to become accustomed to, is at a seventeen year low. For many the reason for being upside down in their mortgage is because they milked their cash cow dry and then watched her value plummet as the economy worsened and job losses mounted. For too many home owners the home values which fueled purchases and financed dreams are a thing of the past. While some real estate markets show signs of recovery, realtors fear a second wave of homes held off the market because of plummeting values will cause a second dip in home prices. In many markets it’s predicted that home values may take years to recover to pre-2007 values.
So, is cash out mortgage refinancing still available? The answer is yes, though lenders have become more cautious and will no longer consider the limits which they once did. More germane to the point is are there any homes whose value will still support a refinance to get cash out? And of course the answer is again, yes! However, with more and more Americans opting to pay down debt rather than go deeper into it, the next round of refinances to obtain cash won’t probably be spent on a new boat or RV. More than likely, newly frugal Americans should they choose to opt for cash out refinancing will use the money to pay down debt or to make investments which will pay them back and help to secure their future.
If you’re asking the question “Where can I get Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing?” The answer is right here. If you qualify and have sufficient equity in your home The has lenders who are willing to provide the loans and the cash that you need. Filling out the simple application you can find right here will get you access t lenders who can provide you with the loan you want at the lowest cash out mortgage refinancing rates available. Give us the chance to provide the cash you need for whatever worthy purpose you may have in mind. Contact us today and we’ll get the process started!

The program which President Obama signed into law and which became the Making Home Affordable program has final after 3 years begin to live up to its billing. In the first 6 months of 2012 alone, more mortgages have been refinanced than in all of 2011. To date this year more than 385,000 homeowners have been helped by the HARP portion of the MHA Plan. Whether this is due to an improving economy or a reduction of fees and relaxation of some regulations remains to be investigated.
In the spring the Obama administration announces what has been termed HARP 2.0 which saw the removal of the upper limits on a properties LTV ratio formerly held at 125%. With this change many homeowners in some of the most badly depressed markets were given the opportunity to refinance their homes and with the savings, avoid foreclosure. The extension of the program from December 2012 to December of 2013 will also allow some homeowners who have struggled to make timely payments get back on track so that they too can avail themselves of this government program which requires no late payments in the last six months and only one in the last twelve.
Reductions in paperwork and the removal of certain requirements and fees have also opened the door to more American homeowners. Though mortgage rates have been fluctuating slightly upward, they are still at historic lows in comparison to what they have been. Tight credit requirements from lenders have also eased somewhat allowing more people to apply and be successful at obtaining refinances. For the first time, this program, which appeared at the start to provide such promise to help Americans struggling to keep their homes, may wel;l be working for the people for whom it was intended.
If your mortgage is secured by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or was sold to them before May 31, 2009 you may be eligible for this HARP 2.0 refinance program to find out you can contact mortgage experts right here at the to assist you in determining your eligibility for this program. Our simple online application will get the whole process started.

Though the FHA streamline program has been around since the early 80’s the economic downturn from which we are very slowly recovering has brought new interest to this program. Streamline refinance are so named because of the diminished amount of paperwork which is needed to apply. Briefly the benefits which can be obtained in a FHA streamline refinance program are reduced monthly payments since by regulation a refinance cannot result in a greater indebtedness or a larger payment than the homeowner currently is paying. Many have chosen to access today’s historically low mortgage rates by refinancing now. Those who can afford to pay the closing costs up front, around $3000 in many cases can get the lowest rates available. Other lenders are offering no cost refinances which come at slightly higher than market rates to allow the lender to recoup the closing costs over the life of the loan.
Since FHA loans can only be processed by FHA approved lenders the best place to start is often your current mortgage servicer. They already possess much of the paperwork and while no appraisal is required for a streamline, no funds are available from a refinance either. FHA has other options available to help out homeowners who are looking for a reduction of their payments but the Streamline has proved quite popular over the years. If you wish to refinance in order to take some equity from your home, check the FHA’s website at for programs more suited to your needs.  Not satisfied with your current FHA servicer? You may work with another provider as long as they are an FHA approved lender.
The can put you in touch with FHA approved lenders who can help explain the entire process and connect you to expert advice and lenders who can help to make the process as simple and easy as possible. So, whether you seek an FHA Streamline with you paying the closing costs or a mortgage where there is no cost to you the place to begin is right here. Fill out the simple application form and the professionals from the Loanex Fast Cash will be in touch!

Low rates, low prices? If you’ve got great credit and bargaining ability you can probably do it, but for the rest of us mortals here are some ideas to help.

Get financing arranged before you shop!
Select a car you can afford that satisfies your needs before you ever set foot on the lot!
Check out rebates and sales, even if you’re buying a used car dealers in the middle of a promotion need room on their lot.

Auto showrooms and those little cubicles they put you in can feel like a pressure cooker as the friendly salesman turns up the heat so you take the car home today. Been there? Done that? Didn’t like it much?  If you prepare yourself with a plan and stick to it, the whole experience may be more pleasant.
Get your financing lined up before you go, you’ll know what you can spend and it’ll make it easier to stick to your plan. Do your car shopping at home on the internet to determine what vehicles are in your price range, whether used or new. You can afford the LE trim but not the DLX, stick to it! On a recent car purchase, a friend wanted an option which was standard on the next trim level up which was $1200 more. He got the option put on the lower trim level by the dealer for $400 saving $800 and still getting the option he wanted.
Rebates which often work out to be cheaper than lowered finance rates can help and sales events can fill the dealer’s lots with trades. This puts some pressure on the dealers to move their used inventory or send it off to the auction where they’ll most certainly get less than retail. End of the month, end of the quarter advice isn’t always sure fire either but it can often work in your favor as dealers want to turn cars to fatten their sales reports. Do your homework and you may find that you feel more in control of a process that hasn’t always felt that way in the past.
And when you’re ready for that loan, turn to the financial superstore!

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