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Zero Down Loans for Auto Buyers at

The Loanex Fast Cash Coast-to-Coast Auto Lender Network Specializes in Car Loans for People of All Credit Types, Good Credit or Bad. Apply Today, Ride Tomorrow!

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No Money Down Car Loans for Buyers at!

Need a Car but have No Down Payment? is the site for you!

A Zero down auto loan or no money down loan is a financing option where the buyer has no cash to bring to the transaction. For a buyer in this position, a trade in or in the case of a new car, a rebate can be used to help with a down payment. Why does a buyer need cash in the first place?

There are several reasons but the most important one is the depreciation of an automobile the minute it leaves the lot. Down payments are looked upon as an investment you make in the car you want to buy. If for example you put the typical 5% down with cash or trade and the car loses 25% in value the minute you drive it off, you’re “upside down” immediately. Upside down is a term used to describe the condition of owing more than something is worth. While most auto transactions result in the buyer being upside down for several months, the concern is when the buyer is still upside down several years into the contract. A salesperson’s first question is frequently what do you have in trade or how much cash do you have to bring to the deal. Cash or a trade-in is thus a big part of how much you will pay. High trade in value, significant cash equals lower finance rates.

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What do you do if you have neither a trade-in nor cash? You apply at for a No down payment loan! will connect you with a network of dealers and internet lenders who are familiar with zero money down loans. For more than 5 years now our network has worked with people who are in your exact situation and provided them with the auto financing they need for the car they want.

Why Experience! Dealers and Lenders who know the ropes!

Special circumstances require special skills!

Zero down loans are a specialty of! Our dealers, local ones you know and trust, will contact you after you fill out our simple online application. Knowledgeable professionals will discuss your auto needs. They’ll already know your situation. They’ll be able to get right to the business of providing you with the car and the financing. Our network of internet lenders will finance you at competitive rates and terms suited to your needs. The simple credit application only seeks the information necessary to process your loan request. Our encrypted website assures you of the privacy of your financial information and our real time proprietary database connects you to only those lenders and dealers ready to help. You won’t find the special skills needed to close a no money down loan just anywhere! Here at we’ve already assembled the dealers and lenders who know to get the job done!

Buy Here/ Pay Here? Will they Be There When You Need Them?

Get The Car, The Financing From Dealers You Know and Trust

Buy Here/Pay Here lots were once the only option for people who had little money to put down. Though many of them are a reputable part of the auto trade, they often share the same drawbacks. Vehicles on their lots are frequently the ones major dealers don’t want! They’re sales lots, they lack the full service facilities and technicians that our dealer network has! Warrantees are limited and short term. Many of our dealers offer certified used cars with extended warrantees. Our loan rates and financing terms are suited to your needs! Theirs are frequently suited to them! If you have had credit problems they subscribe to no national credit agencies so your on time payments do nothing to improve your credit history. Our lenders report your payments to Equifax, Experian and Transunion so our loans improve your credit rating while serving your auto needs. The choice is yours, but the choice is clear! connects you to the best cars, dealers you know and trust and competitive financing through knowledgeable professionals!

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