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Debt settlement is not a loan. It is a process of negotiating a reduction in the amount of debt owed to a creditor. The most frequent debts for settlement are those for credit cards, a form of unsecured debt. Settlement of medical bills and other types of installment loans may also be reduced in this process, but secured loans like those for autos and real property may not. is your contact point for accessing sound debt settlement advice and debt settlement solutions. Get Started Today...

Debt Settlement - A Process, not a loan! Here’s What It Means To You!

Debt settlement is a process whereby a debt owed to a creditor is reduced through a process of negotiation between the creditor and the debtor. Although this can be instituted by the debtor on his/her own, working with a debt settlement service that specializes in consumer debt settlement frequently achieves significantly better results. At we put you in touch with the people who can help you achieve a satisfactory result from these negotiations. gives you access to:

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What is a satisfactory result?

Reductions of as much as 60% have been granted debtors, but 40-50% is more the norm. Not all credit granting institutions have been open to the process of debt settlement and in some cases they insist upon full payment. The network of debt settlement companies at will advise you throughout the negotiations and keep you informed about the results of their efforts.

When can debt settlement processing begin?

Debt settlement typically begins after a consumer is 90 days late with his/her payments. It is important to the process that you make contact with a debt settlement firm within this time frame or legal action may begin which can complicate the process for both you and the settlement agent.

Federal legislation within the past several years has removed certain debts from bankruptcy proceedings, notably credit card debts. Bankruptcy may not be able to protect you from suits brought against you for credit card debt. The debt settlement agencies and lawyers who are a part of network can help but you must make the first move! Don’t ignore the threat of legal action; make sure you take action to protect yourself from liens and judgments!

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Debt Settlement Plan Has Consequences. Find out What They Are!

So, why doesn’t everyone who has serious credit card debt contact a debt settlement firm and pay off only a portion of what they owe? Debt settlement does have consequences. While negotiated debt settlement is less of a credit wrecker than a bankruptcy, it does ding your credit. Any time your credit report indicates that you are not paying as agreed, there are penalties. In a credit conscious society, your credit is your reputation with the business world.

Major purchases like a home, automobile, even renting a new apartment will be more difficult. Don’t damage your credit further; begin your personal debt settlement plan and start working your way back to credit health! Contact our network today!

How Do I Begin Debt Settlement services?

Your first step…
Should be to seriously look at your finances and determine what you are able to pay to resolve the debts you have accumulated. Don’t make unreasonable estimates that don’t account for the funds that you need to live. Expenses like rent, house payment, food, utilities etc. must all be figured into any plan for repayment. Debt settlement doesn’t forgive the debt, it merely reduces it.
Your next step…
Should be to make a plan to implement changes in your lifestyle and spending habits that will allow you to honor the agreement that is worked out for you.

Debt settlement agencies can help but you must honor your agreement and repeated failure to pay as agreed doesn’t make your situation better.

American Debt Settlement Attorneys and lawyers help you with afforable settlement services is Your Source for Debt Settlement Help! has assembled a network of credit card debt settlement specialists. These professionals will help you formulate a debt settlement plan that will satisfy your creditors and still suit your personal needs. Debt settlement firms are just a mouse click away! Apply today for among the best debt settlement networks available.

Our very secure SSL encrypted website will protect your private financial information. We never ask for more information than we need and our proprietary database connects you promptly! Our credit debt settlement firms will contact you with credit debt settlement options and explain how they can help. Let the experts conduct the debt settlement negotiation! Get debt settlement information right here, right now! Get your debt settlement program started!

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