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Tax settlement typically refers to the procedure where taxpayers settle their back tax liability with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Taxpayers reach an agreement or settlement, with the IRS agreeing to pay their income tax debts in part or in full through one of the IRS’s back tax settlement programs. The IRS has numerous different back tax resolution programs for taxpayers based on their specific financial situations. The Loanex Fast Cash can help you regarding all your tax problems including Tax settlement. SEE IF YOU QUALIFY

The Loanex Fast Cash provides you with effective services to:

Remove Federal IRS Liens
Protection against IRS Levies
Avoiding or getting rid of Wage Garnishment
Entering a Installment Agreement with the IRS
Offers in Compromise

Income Tax Settlements Process at The Loanex Fast Cash
When you work with the professionals at The Loanex Fast Cash, you do not have to talk to the IRS. Your interests will be represented by skilled tax debt settlement & tax relief experts including ex-IRS agents and CPAs. Our network is spread all over the 50 states and all communication is handled in a hassle free and confidential manner.

How an IRS Settlement Works
The IRS permits a taxpayer to either negotiate a tax settlement for less than the total amount owed or come to an agreement on another process for the IRS to collect taxes owed over time. For any of these conditions, the taxpayer must meet the guidelines of one of the tax settlement programs set forth by the IRS. Then the taxpayer will first have to decide on which type of tax settlement they would like to apply for and submit suitable documents to the IRS for review before a final decision is rendered. A taxpayer can either fill out the information on his own or can have a designated tax professional make the filing on their behalf. Once both parties agree on a settlement, the taxpayer will be considered in good standing with the IRS for the tax year or years that the settlement covers.

How can you Settle Back Taxes for Less
There are several ways in which you can settle your IRS tax debt for less than what you actually owe to them. An offer in compromise is the most common ways. Other methods include Penalty Abatement and Partial Payment Installment Agreement.

What is IRS Tax Settlement?

When, tax debt, also known as back taxes, reaches a serious amount of money and this is around $10,000, that a person starts to frantically hunt for tax help. We understand that it’s not the same for every person so we offer customized plans to resolve the tax problems.

Our approach is case specific and we try to arrange for the most affordable IRS tax settlement plan for our customers. APPLY NOW

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Tax Settlement Assistance

We can help you choose the tax debt settlement plan that fits your needs. We understand that the financial situations vary from person to person. Our network of tax professionals study your financial situation and then propose the best fit for a tax settlement plan.
Some of the most common income tax settlement alternatives are as follows:

Installment Agreement:
In this tax settlement option the IRS agrees to accept the past due tax amounts in monthly installments. If one starts missing payments, interest is levied on the unpaid balance.

Payment Plan:
In this alternative the taxpayer pays some money upfront and the rest is paid in monthly installments. Interest accrues to the outstanding balance if you miss an installment.

Offer in Compromise Help:
This option is the most sought from the taxes settlements options available. In this option the negotiations lead to reduction in the total debt and reduction or nullification of the penalties.

Innocent Spouse Relief:
In this tax settlements option, if the tax debt is created as a consequence of joint return filing, the liability of one tax payer can be transferred to the other spouse.

Penalty Abatement Help:
In this alternative, we can help you to reduce the penalties levied by the IRS. One should have a justified reason for being late on filing the taxes.

For The Best Suited and Affordable Tax Settlement Plan

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Why choose The Loanex Fast

We are a network of professionals consisting of the best of tax settlement specialists available to help you. Tax settlement is one of our core competencies and we understand all aspects of how to resolve it in your favor. We are customer satisfaction oriented and out tax experts don’t leave any stone unturned in finding ways to reduce your total tax debt and the final amount of your IRS tax settlement.

Some of the advantages of working with the professionals associated with The Loanex Fast Cash include:

Zero retainer fee
No pressure to enter into agreementse
No hidden fees
Local representation if needed with professionals in every state
A team of tax experts at your service.
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