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Auto Refinance - Car Refinance Loan FAQ's

What is car refinance?
Car refinance can provide a reduced rate of interest and lower monthly payments saving you extra money for other household expenses or for future needs. Unfortunately many people are not aware of this fact and so end up losing money that they could have saved on the monthly installments of their car loan

Why are banks and other financial lenders a better option than dealers?
For car refinance it is always better to deal with banks or other financial institutions rather than dealers as dealers charge higher interest rates than others. You can may save up to about 3% in interest rates by accessing our network.

How can I get a car refinanced?
You can access our car refinance service by filling in a simple application form for car refinance on our web site. We will verify the information provided by you and then one of our representative will call you to let you know the credit decision and interest rates you will be offered. Once you agree on rates, the lender will clear your old loan and open a new loan with the lower interest rate. You will receive all required documents and the process of your car refinancing will be completed.

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