There was a time when no one would have considered a 72 month car loan because the vehicle would have become unusable well before it was paid for. Modern cars, many with warranties that will cover you beyond the mileage one typically covers in 6 years, are a different story. And, while a 72 month car loan will carry a hefty interest amount, it is a way to keep payments affordable in an age when the cost of an average car exceeds $28,000.

The 72 month car loan is not the only change in the auto marketplace. The length of time that a car owner keeps his vehicle has also been extended. R.L.Polk recently announced that purchasers of new vehicles were keeping their cars an average of 71 months and even used car owners had upped the length of time they kept their used purchases to nearly 50 months. Why are car owners doing this, the answer is not simply rooted in a new frugality, but in the improvement in the automobiles currently on the market. Properly maintained, many experts say that 200,000 miles on a vehicle aside from normal maintenance is attainable.

With automobile prices resulting in payments which formerly would have been unthinkable, the 72 month loan may be the only way for some people to afford a vehicle at all. The length of warranty varies by manufacturer of course but now more than ever regular maintenance becomes important if you want your car to last until the payments are over. And, of course, you can still trade it in early but for many people piling the balance owed on one car is not an option as it can result in a cycle from which they find it difficult to escape.

At the we can provide the auto loan for your next car including those of extended length. Dealer/lenders that you can access here frequently have pre-owned certified vehicles which carry extended warranties so the purchase of a used car becomes less of a concern since the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected before it’s put on the lot. In fact, auto loans of all types are available here, pre-approved auto loans, as well as secured car loans. While not all types of loans are available for all credit types, our professionals can find car financing for most types of credit.