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Back Taxes – Not A Problem Anymore!

If you owe back taxes to the IRS and are hesitant to file, you might be making a serious mistake. The Loanex Fast Cash can help you with properly filing your back taxes. Many people fail to understand the critical situation they are in when they have back taxes and ignore them. This leads to further trouble and when the IRS starts taking firm actions, people usually begin to panic. You should realize that getting yourself professional help for back taxes can go a long way towards solving all your problems without much effort and time. All you need do is simply apply for help.

IRS Back Taxes Professionals at Loanex Fast Cash.

When you find yourself in a tight situation due to tax problems, you may not fully understand what you should or should not do. If you are facing problems with back tax debt then the best option for you would be to consult with a tax debt specialist. A tax debt specialist, as the name suggests, can guide you through the complete process of tax debt relief and help you reduce or eliminate your back tax debt effectively. Tax Debt specialists can be Tax attorneys, debt advisors, CPAs or Enrolled Agents (EAs)-IRS-certified tax professionals. The Loanex Fast Cash can provide you with an expert tax debt specialist for your unique situation.

Tax Responsibilities of a Small Business

Owning a small business means that there is going to be a certain amount of responsibility that it has towards the IRS. Business owners must be aware of the fact that there is tax debt relief available to their business just like there is for their individual needs. The types of taxes that a business is responsible for are much more varied and greater in number than that of an individual. Some of the taxes that a small business is usually responsible for are income tax, employment tax, social security tax and excise tax.

Quick Back Tax Debt Relief at The Loanex Fast Cash

Many times taxpayers who receive an IRS collection notice or are awaiting IRS action are momentarily paralyzed. One expects wage garnishment, freezing of bank account, tax lien etc. If you are facing the problem of back taxes, an IRS collection notice, or a pending action, the worst thing you can do is ignore the issue. Instead, tray to take the route that could save you money as well as unnecessary stress. Get a free tax debt relief consultation from our tax relief specialists and tax attorneys who can work on your side and help you get the best possible settlement with the IRS.

Filing Back Taxes - Better Late Than Never

You should file back taxes returns even if you are late because if you are caught before filing them and it is proven that you tried to evade income tax intentionally, you can not only be imprisoned, but can also be fined up to $10,000 for every year that you have not filed.

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Here are some additional reasons why you should get help:

You can be penalized and charged high interest rates on IRS back tax.
The IRS will file a "substitute tax return” if the tax payer fails to file their tax returns but this is without federal expenses and exemptions, which as a result increases the total tax.
The IRS begins to collect the money once the "substitute tax return” is completed. The IRS can resort to placing levies on bank accounts or personal property and wage garnishing.
The IRS has wide powers and is equipped with the best tools to hunt a tax evader. There are chances of tax debt settlement and negotiation if you file the tax returns even if late. The IRS is very strict and harsh with those who neglect its notices.

Filing Back Taxes, The Process

The following are the steps on how to best file back taxes:

Collecting Relevant Information:

This is the first step in getting back taxes help. Make certain to collect any relevant information that you have including any old documents. The main documents that are needed to file back tax are 1099 tax documents and old W-2s. If these documents are not available or lost, you can request them from your prior employers. If your prior employers are unable to provide this information one can seek it from the IRS. If the IRS does not have the information one can file back taxes by utilizing the form 4852.

Preparing The Tax Forms:

For every year that you have missed you have to fill out a different form. You should try to reduce the total tax debt that you owe by claiming exemptions, deductions, and credits.

Contacting The Perfect Tax Firm:

The third step is getting the services of a professional tax firm that can help you with back taxes as well as help you reduce the total tax debt that you have. You can hire the services of a tax certified public accountant or a tax attorney. If you prefer to do the filing without seeking out the help of a tax expert, you should send a request for paying in installments along with the tax return.

Filing the Back Taxes and Paperwork:

Once have been issued the notice by the IRS, do not waste time by completing income tax returns. Instead, file for the back taxes first and then request for tax debt settlement or back tax relief through any good tax consultant.

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Easily Getting Rid Of Back Taxes

It’s only when your tax debt accumulates, along with other debts, that a person becomes truly in need for tax help. We understand that the nature of the financial crisis is not going to be the same for every person. Taking this factor into consideration, we are capable of offering customized plans to help you resolve tax problems.

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