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consolidate your bills here! can help homeowners or renters with bill consolidation. Debt free is the goal!

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Got Too Many Bills? Bill Consolidation Programs at!

Debt and bill consolidation help is available here at for those who find themselves getting further and further behind in paying their bills. Even at times having to decide whether to pay the bills or buy food. is your gateway:

  • to bill consolidation companies
  • factual information on so called bill consolidation loans
  • free bill consolidation advice
  • even additional sources of funding that may be available to you for bill consolidation for bad credit

Feel like you’re on a merry go round? Not having any fun and you can’t seem to get off? Credit card bills, medical bills, auto and home repair bills swirl around in your dreams? You’re not alone, and you’re only a mouse click away from help with credit card bill consolidation. Due to recent economic conditions many people have found themselves in over their head. The way back to credit health and a better night’s sleep is right in front of you, here at

It’s all here, at! LET’S GET STARTED!

Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you know how much you owe?
  • Are you receiving phone calls from collection agencies?
  • Are you charging more each month than you’re paying?
  • Have credit cards become the way you pay for essentials like groceries, recurring installment payments and gasoline?
  • Juggling bills trying to decide who you can pay late, or how you can use one credit card to pay for another?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you should be considering a plan for consolidating bills.

A debt/bill consolidations plan always begins with a starting point and a goal clearly in mind. First things first:

Step 1
Get out the bills and total them up. Determine which bills you could pay off within 6 months if you made a real effort. Make note of the biggest ones and the interest charges on each.
Step 2
Obtain a copy of your credit report, by Federal Law you are entitled to a copy every year. You can get one right here upon completion of your no obligation application.
Step 3
Check the report carefully; report any errors in writing to the credit agency involved the process.
Step 4
Make a budget for your expenditures and stick to it. It makes no sense to even start a bill consolidation plan if you find you can’t change the habits that got you here!
medical bill consolidation loans
So I answered yes. I’m working up a plan……What’s next? Consolidate your bills At…. we have many ways to help!

With our network of debt specialists, internet counselors and bill consolidation programs, we have many ways to help people who feel like their drowning in debt. Some options may include:

  • Transfer of credit card balances to cards having a lower interest rate
  • HELOC loans or cash out refinancing for homeowners
  • Borrowing from IRA or 401 K’s
  • Debt settlement programs

Already behind, talk to your Creditor’s! Hiding your head doesn’t work for an ostrich and it won’t help you!

Talk to your creditors and see if you can negotiate reduced payments or some other alternative arrangement. Not talking will only make the situation worse, remember they would like to see the debt paid as much as you would like to pay it. Consolidating bills, bad credit bill consolidation advice for bad credit start here at

With you’re never out of options or far away from help!

More than likely if you had to answer yes to several of the above questions you are probably in over your head in a bad credit bill consolidation situation. At bad credit need not be a stumbling block. Our network of deeply experienced internet professionals can provide prompt, courteous service and advice to you simply by filling out our online application.

Our very secure SSL encrypted website will collect only the information needed to begin the process. The real time proprietary database will give you access to people who can help. We are not a lender but our network of experts does have the answers you need and can help.

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