Is paying even the minimums getting to be too difficult on your budget? Would you like to be debt free in as little as three years? Help is available to assist you in achieving that goal! At the there are several avenues which are open to those who are struggling with mountains of unsecured debt. Unsecured debt is things like credit cards, store charges, installment accounts and medical bills. For those individual who have these sorts of financial woes there is help!
Specifically we would like to talk today about paying off credit card debt. Credit card debt is the form of debt that is so easy to get into and can be so difficult to get out of. The latest statistics indicate that Americans are on a mission to pay down that debt; credit card debt having contracted by 12% over the past three years. People have tired of paying credit card APR’s that average 14.52% and are seeking ways to escape this burden. Home equity loans, once the go to source for debt consolidation have been severely impacted by falling home values which have left many in a negative equity position.
So, what options are still available to those struggling to pay off credit card debts? Reductions in payment size and interest rates can be negotiated, debt consolidations which involve an amount of money provided to a third party payer for distribution to creditors, or debt settlement where a creditor agrees to accept a percentage of the debt owed. Several of these options do carry the penalty of impacting your credit history and score but have far less of an impact than a bankruptcy, which because of recent reforms no longer clears credit card debt.
Some of the options I’ve mentioned can be accomplished by a determined individual who is willing to expend the time and effort to do this negotiation on their own. For others, the choice is clear because they have little experience in negotiations of this type they will turn to professional help. Professional help that you can find right here! Help is just a quick secure application away, start now!