Decided that the depreciation when you buy a new car is not for you? You lose around 20% with most new cars the minute you drive them off the lot. With the average new car costing in excess of $28,000 dollars that’s a lot of loss. With a used car, somebody has already taken that hit. You may even be able to get the car you’ve always wanted used when you could not afford it new! So what’s the problem with a used car? Financing it can be.
Used car loans are generally shorter in term and higher in interest rate than a new car loan. In fact, until the past few years you could not get a used car loan over 48 months in length. That situation has eased somewhat with longer terms available. The average cost of a used car is around $18,000 currently and with a 20% down payment interest rates are usually within a 2 percentage point range of a new car loan rate.
The problem arises in financing a used car if you don’t have good credit and have less than 20% down. The possibilities for auto financing definitely are reduced, so to whom do you turn? The has experience in providing financing for used cars in a situation like yours. Since most financing of cars today is done through a network of dealers and the lenders who provide the financing for those vehicles, Loanex Fast Cash is the perfect source. We have a nationwide dealer network that can provide you with the vehicle you need and the financing to pay for it.
With a simple, easy application you can begin the process to obtain financing for your next car.   Not from the corner lot, but from dealers in your area that you know and trust. Some of whom even have certified used cars that carry extended warranties. A good used car, from a trusted source that is there to stand behind the sale is often the best solution to a buyer who wants to escape the depreciation of the new car marketplace.