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Delaware Debt Settlement and Delaware Debt Consolidation

Delaware Debt Relief Plans to Help pay off debts

If you’re overdue on multiple credit cards, loans, and other bills in Delaware, and creditors or debt collection agencies are pressuring you to collect those debts, you should consider the direction and input from a Delaware debt consolidation or Delaware debt settlement company.

How can Delaware debt consolidation or debt settlement companies help?

Delaware debt consolidation and Delaware debt settlement companies offer plans that can provide you with some financial relief by helping you to pay off your credit cards and other bills with ease, often quickly, without defaulting.
A Delaware debt consolidation consultant or Delaware debt settlement consultant will provide you a no-obligation, free counseling session where they can review your finances, and based on your specific circumstances, suggest any of these programs:

Delaware debt consolidation is a program where a negotiator from a debt consolidation company works with your creditors or the collection agencies that are contacting you directly to get them to accept your monthly payments while lowering the interest rate. Often, the debt consolidation company will also be able to reduce or eliminate altogether late fees or over-limit fees. With the lower interest rate and no extra fees, your monthly payment will go much further to pay off your debt principal. One excellent feature of debt consolidation programs is that you only need to make one payment each month that the consolidation company will dole out to all of your creditors, and you will be able to choose the date that your payment will be made each month.

Delaware debt settlement is a program where a professional debt negotiator negotiates with all of your creditors and collection agencies that are contacting you in an attempt to greatly reduce your outstanding principal balances. Of course individual results do vary quite a bit, however, in many cases, dependent upon the amounts that you owe and the creditors involved, you might be able to reduce your outstanding balance by up to 40-60%* of the amount you now owe.

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Delaware Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement Laws

What the purpose of debt consolidation and debt settlement are to redo your original agreement with your creditors. Rules in effect for the initial contract signed will also be in effect for debt settlement and renegotiation. An example of applicable laws is garnishing wages and restrictions on interest rates in Delaware. Collection agencies will often agree to this since the principal debt will be fully repaid whether it is one final payment or several smaller payments. It’s better to settle with the creditor firsthand or with the assistance of a debt settlement attorney. Proceed carefully if you use the services of a debt settlement company since there is a tendency to cross the ethical line with fees. With debt consolidation and debt settlement there are many more pluses than minuses:

  • Once the settlement is complete a creditor cannot sue you.
  • All of the borrower’s financial records are documented and planned.
  • Anxiety over mounting debt is lowered.

Laws for Debt Harassment in Delaware

Unlike federal statutes, which use disposable income for wage garnishment, Delaware limits this to 15% of net income. Also freezing bank accounts is prohibited. These are the only state/federal distinctions. All other Delaware violations of debt collections are under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices act and the Fair Credit Reporting act. These acts call for a $1,000 fine for each violation and to compensate the borrower for any legal fees.

Legal Collections Actions

  • Placing professional calls to the home from 8 AM to 9 PM daily.
  • Communicating the debt to the spouse of a borrower is permitted.
  • Calling the employer is allowed when there is no current telephone number or home address for the borrower.

Illegal Collections Actions

  • Threats of any nature or kind.
  • Using deception for the purpose of collecting payment on a debt.
  • Not allowing a borrower to repay the debt in full.

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*Individual results may vary. Statements made are only examples of possible outcomes, which are not intended to be a guarantee of any future settlement results. A debt counselor will attempt to understand your current financial situation and determine whether you are qualified for the debt resolution programs offered. Debt consolidation and debt settlement companies will work aggressively to reduce your debt balances, however, creditors are under no contractual obligation to negotiate or accept settlement offers.

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