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Florida Debt Relief Plans to Help pay off debts

If you’re behind schedule paying multiple credit cards, loans, and other bills in Florida, and creditors or debt collection agencies are pushing you to collect those debts, you should think about the help and advice from a Florida debt consolidation or Florida debt settlement company.

How can Florida debt consolidation or debt settlement companies help?

Florida debt consolidation and Florida debt settlement companies offer programs that can give you with some financial relief by helping you to pay off your credit cards and other bills painlessly, often quickly, without defaulting.
A Florida debt consolidation consultant or Florida debt settlement consultant will schedule you a no-obligation, free counseling session where they can review your finances, and based on your financial facts, suggest any of these programs:

Florida debt consolidation is a program where a negotiator from a debt consolidation company works with your creditors or the collection agencies that are contacting you directly to get them to accept your monthly payments at a lower interest rate. Many times, the debt consolidation company will also be able to reduce or eliminate altogether late fees or over-limit fees. With a lower interest rate and no extra fees, your monthly payment will go much further to pay off your principal balance. One great feature of debt consolidation programs is that you only need to make one payment each month that the consolidation company will allocate among your creditors, and you will be able to choose the date that your payment will be made each month.

Florida debt settlement is a program in which a professional debt negotiator bargains with all of your creditors and collection agencies that are contacting you in an attempt to greatly reduce your outstanding principal balances. Of course individual results do vary, however, in many cases, dependent upon the amounts that you owe and the creditors involved, you might be able to reduce your outstanding balance by up to 40-60%* of the amount you currently owe.

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Florida Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement Laws

Per Florida law, the state Attorney General’s Office is responsible for executing statutes and laws regarding debt collection. Anyone in Florida that collects debts on a normal basis is for all intents and purposes a debt collector. Florida laws concerning debt collections are similar to federal law.

Debt consolidation and debt settlement is individually tailored to the debts of every borrower. It is often wise to have a debt settlement lawyer working on your side. Several areas a debt settlement lawyer can oversee in this process are:

  • Bargaining for lower amounts then the initial amount lent.
  • Certify that any and all settlements are legal and that payments towards the debt will read favorably on credit reports.
  • Handling debts that cannot be reduced. For example, getting forbearance for financial distress on a student loan.

Laws for Debt Harassment in Florida

Florida laws governing debt harassment are there to shield borrowers from unnecessary collections harassment. They are similar to federal law overseen by the Federal Trade Commission setting guidelines for the areas of customer contact.

Legal Collections Actions

  • It is legal to: call a customer, see a customer in person, email, fax, or send letters to a customer.
  • Once the initial contact is made Florida law specifies collection representatives mail a written letter to the customer within five days of the first contact.

Illegal Collections Actions
No collections contacts can take place prior to 8 AM or after 9 PM or happen more often that would be deemed harassment by a reasonable person.

  • Calling the borrowers work place is illegal if the employer does not allow calls or personal visits.
  • Contact must stop if a borrower, in writing, requests collection agents stop contact. Contact may only resume to inform the borrower of legal action.
  • Any behaviors considered threatening, abusive, or any misrepresentation on behalf of the creditor.

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*Individual results may vary. Statements made are only examples of possible outcomes, which are not intended to be a guarantee of any future settlement results. A debt counselor will attempt to understand your current financial situation and determine whether you are qualified for the debt resolution programs offered. Debt consolidation and debt settlement companies will work aggressively to reduce your debt balances, however, creditors are under no contractual obligation to negotiate or accept settlement offers.

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