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Illinois credit counseling is available through the services of the counselors you can access here. Many people have suffered financial reverses in what has been one of the longest financial downturns in decades. Illinois residents are no exception and even though it appears that the economic recovery that has long been forecast has begun many people still are dealing with the debts accumulated in the past. A free no obligation consultation with our counselors will allow you to determine how to achieve debt relief, Illinois.

Illinois Debt Consolidation or Illinois Debt Settlement?

While there are many different ways to work toward debt freedom, two of the most common ways are debt consolidation and debt settlement. While each of these processes can be done by the individual without credit counseling, Illinois residents should be aware that the results obtained by professionals are often better than those which an individual can get. This is often due to the fact that the counselors have more experience with negotiations of this type as well as many contacts within the financial industry.

Debt consolidation in Illinois can involve negotiated reductions in interest rates, extended payment terms or third party payers. In the third party payer arrangement, the counselor and the debtor work out how much money they can afford to put toward paying down their debts. The counselor then negotiates with the creditors to accept the reduced amount through a third party payer who receives the debtors money and distributes it to the creditors.

Debt settlement is a negotiated process that seeks a reduction in the amount owed the creditor in exchange for a rigid repayment schedule. Reductions of up to 40% of what is owed are not uncommon. The debtor exchanges this reduction for a payment schedule that must be kept by the debtor or the agreement is voided.

Both debt consolidation and debt settlement usually involve payment that is not as originally agreed to in the terms of the credit card or installment contract so it does affect the individual’s credit. However neither form of debt relief is as damaging to credit as a bankruptcy.

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Debt Consolidation, Illinois or Debt Settlement? It’s your choice!

To apply for Illinois debt counseling you will need to fill out our quick, easy form to provide the information for your first credit counseling consultation. The site is secure to protect your private financial information and you can be assured of a prompt professional reply. Debt settlement and debt consolidation are designed to help you with unsecured debt like credit cards, installment loans and medical debt. They are not programs for secured debts like auto loans or mortgages.

No credit counseling service can guarantee that the phone calls, letters or threats of legal action will stop once they have begun, but the professional counselors you will find here can help. Get help in becoming debt free, many have achieved debt freedom in as little as 42 months!

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