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Like many other places in the United States, credit counseling in Maryland is needed to help those who have suffered through the economic downturn. Maryland consumer credit counseling is available through, your financial superstore. Whether you are in need of Maryland debt settlement or debt consolidation in Maryland, our professional counselors can help. They are familiar with all the federal and state statutes that help to protect consumers from harassment by debt collectors. While it is best to begin the process of consumer credit counseling in Maryland before you are receiving the phone call, letters and threats of legal action, our experts can often reduce the calls and other actions to a minimum.

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There are several ways consumer credit counseling services of Maryland can help!

Maryland debt consolidation is one way to become debt free. In this process, reduced interest rates, extended terms and reduced payments are sought from the creditors so that the debtor can discharge their obligations in a way that they can afford. It does have an impact on credit scores as the creditor reports the payments as not according to the agreement but it is much less damaging than filing bankruptcy. While the consumer may carry out these negotiations on his own behalf, better results are often gained by the employment of a professional counselor who has experience with the process and this type of negotiation.

The other option may be debt settlement. Maryland residents who opt for this process, are involved in negotiations that seek to reduce the amount owed the creditor in exchange for a rigid payment schedule that must be followed for the agreement to remain in force. Reductions of as much as 40% have been obtained from creditors. Debt settlement has a negative effect on credit ratings but as in debt consolidation, far less than a personal bankruptcy.

Consumer credit counseling service of Maryland offers help to the individual who feels that they are unprepared to deal with negotiating with their creditors. Both debt settlement and debt consolidation can be accomplished by the individual, however, greater success has been achieved in this process by those who have chosen to work through a professional debt counselor.

Consumer Credit Counseling service, Maryland residents can get started here!

Credit counseling Maryland begins when you fill out our simple online application. The website is SSL secure to protect your private financial information and we will only ask for enough information to process your request. Consumer credit counseling of Maryland residents will begin with a free no obligation consultation with one of our professionals. This consultation should help you decide whether debt consolidation, Maryland debt settlement or some other form of debt relief help is the right choice for you!

No credit counseling firm can guarantee results or cessation of the phone call, letters and threats of legal action, but our professionals with contacts in the industry have had great success in helping other clients. If you want help, contact us today!

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