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Too many bills? Not enough money to pay them? New Jersey Credit Counseling can help!

Many people have weathered the economic downturn of the past several years by going further and further into debt. Maxed out credit cards, mounting installment debt, unpaid medical bills have reached the stage where they are bringing the phone calls, letters and threats of legal action. You need NJ debt relief ! Credit counseling, New Jersey residents can trust and rely upon to help them with answers to their debt problems!

Discuss your financial situation with a consumer credit counseling service of New Jersey professional.

The first consultation is free and carries no obligation. Discuss whether New Jersey debt consolidation or New Jersey debt settlement is the best way to solve your financial problems. The professional NJ debt relief counselors will help you make that decision and work with you every step of the way. Debt freedom has been achieved by many in as little as 42 months. Think about a life without the phone calls, letters and threats of legal action. While no credit counseling service can guarantee they will stop our professionals have the knowledge and the contacts to reduce the hassle.

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NJ Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation in New Jersey can be accomplished in several different ways. For homeowners who have sufficient equity in their homes a debt consolidation loan taken as a second mortgage can be an option which carries with it the possibility of tax deductible interest. Debt consolidation can also involve a negotiation process where the debtor seeks a lower interest rate, extended terms or a revised payment schedule to discharge the debt. A third possibility involves a third party payer who will distribute that portion of the debtor’s income that can be applied to repayment to each of the creditors until they are paid off. Credit scores and history can be affected by some of these methods but far less of an impact than a bankruptcy.

Debt Settlement NJ?

The process of debt settlement is a negotiation between the debtor and the creditor that seeks a reduction in the amount the creditor owes. The reduction is exchanged for a rigid payment schedule that pays off the agreed to amount over a specified period of time. The scheduled payments must be made on time or the agreement is voided by the creditor. Reductions of as much as 40% of the amount owed can be achieved in using this process though the effect on your credit history can be substantial.

Is debt counseling NJ, necessary?

All of the negotiations and processes discussed on this page can be carried out by the individual themselves, but greater success can often be achieved by professional credit counselors because of their familiarity with the process as well as their contacts within the financial industry. With consumer credit counseling, New Jersey residents can achieve debt freedom with less damage to their credit than a bankruptcy. Our website is secure, our service prompt and professional. Let put you in touch with those who can help!

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