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Debt Consolidation Help for NC Residents

Reduce monthly payments by up to 60%*. Stop creditor calls. Become debt free in as little as six months.

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North Carolina Debt Consolidation or North Carolina Debt Relief

Time for credit counseling, North Carolina?

The economic turmoil of the last several years has left many people in financial difficulties. If you have started to receive the phone calls, letters and threats of legal action it’s probably time to consider debt counseling. North Carolina residents can get help right here at through our consumer credit counseling. North Carolina has some unique consumer protection laws and our experts know what they are and how they can work to your advantage.

Debt Settlement NC or Debt Consolidation NC ? What’s the difference?

You will often hear these two terms used by some people as if they were the same thing. They are not. In debt consolidation you negotiate with your creditors to lower the interest rate, lengthen the term of repayment or reduce the payment amount. Though this process can be accomplished by the individual themselves, most people seem to have better outcomes when they enlist the help of a professional credit counselor. The counselors you can contact here offer an initial free, no obligation appointment to determine your specific needs. For North Carolina debt consolidation advice, get started today by filling out our online application and information form.

Debt settlement is a process where the consumer negotiates with the creditor for a reduction in the amount owed in exchange for a specific repayment schedule. Again, this is a process which can be attempted by the consumer but better results can often be obtained by the professional debt settlement counselors you can access here. Reductions of as much as 40% have been realized in the process.

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Consumer Credit Counseling of North Carolina residents starts here!

At we have assembled professionals who will work with you and keep you informed during every step of the process. Whether debt consolidation in North Carolina works out to be the best plan for you or debt settlement better suits your needs you will be kept informed every step of the way and will be advised of everything that is done on your behalf. NC debt consolidation and debt settlement are both processes and will take time but our professional counselors have shone many people how to be debt free in as little as forty-two months.

While no credit counseling service can guarantee that the phone calls, letters and threats of legal action will cease, our professionals have contacts within the financial industry which can work to your advantage. Let them go to work for you and give you relief from the pressure of the collection agencies.

Let be your source for Credit Counseling!

When you fill out our simple application you can be assured that the information you have provided is secure and will only be given to those who can help. The first consultation is free and carries with it no obligation. Further consultations will only be initiated at your request and all activities of the counselor will be fully explained and you will be kept informed of all actions taken on your behalf.

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