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“After going through a terrible car accident, and then a nasty divorce, I was struggling to pay my bills each month. I made my credit card payments on time, and just paid the minimum amount that was due on each credit card, which regularly left me with absolutely no money to live on. It was a nightmare that I was not prepared for; should I eat or pay my bills? I went to the Human Resources department at my work to see if I could get a pay increase or increase the number of hours I was working. One of the employees recommended that I go to The Loanex Fast Cash online to get a debt consolidation quote. It wasn’t very long after I completed the form that I was contacted by one of your debt experts. He was able to get all of my accounts from my credit report, so there was no need for me to dig around for bills or statements to get my numbers together. He explained my options clearly to me, so that I really understood the process and how it would work for me. I got into a debt consolidation program that reduced my monthly payments by 50%. Late fees and other charges were dropped from my accounts and my interest rates were lowered and in some cases dropped altogether. The truly amazing this is that my credit score is now going up every month because, making just one payment monthly, my payments are never late. I was able to build my credit and get free of debt without filing for bankruptcy!”

Gloria, NYC

“I consider myself to be very fortunate in finding out about your company and the possibility of debt consolidation. Up until recently, I was having a real hard time making ends meet every month. My credit card payments had gone through the roof, each with higher interest rates than before. I was starting to fall behind on several credit card accounts. But, with every late payment, my burden became worse, because the late fees were driving up my balances, even as I had stopped using some of the cards. I own my home, so I thought that I would get a debt consolidation loan by refinancing my mortgage. Because of the recommendation of a coworker, I decided to take a look at The Loanex Fast Cash debt consolidation services first. I spoke with the counselor and he explained how through debt consolidation that I could get my interest rates reduced or dropped, cutting my monthly payments nearly in half, without damaging my credit score. With the lower interest rates, I was able to pay off my debts in a fraction of the time that it would have taken, without having to put up my family’s house as collateral. Keep up the great work!”

Alice, Virginia

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