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Avoiding mortgage loan foreclosure is one of the hardest challenges you might ever face emotionally and financially. The Loanex Fast Cash Network of Mortgage Loan Modification Experts offers consumers piece of mind, by helping them to navigate the complicated loan modification procedure, to save their home from foreclosure, and to arrive at a mortgage payment that they can truly afford.
  • Reduce Your Mortgage Payment
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  • Stop Foreclosure Immediately
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Obama's Loan Modification Plan Simplified

It is seen, majority of people are optimists. We all like to consider that if our government makes a policy in time of a crisis we could all depend on it to fix the problem at hand. The Obama administration has moved very rapidly to address the housing issues which we all face as a nation and I applaud the effort. Most of them call it the “Obama Loan Modification”. It is uncertain, though, if the Obama Loan Modification effort is going to reach as much people as may need it. For some of these people the effort is the last resort prior to crossing into poverty.

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There are many blog posts and news reports out there describing the plan, usually riddled with technical terms and formulas that are hard to follow. Really the rules of the Obama Loan Modification are quite simple. You could easily qualify if:

  • Your entire monthly housing costs which include mortgage, taxes, insurance, Homeowners Association fees etc are bigger than 31% of your average gross monthly income.
  • If your housing costs are over 38% of your monthly earnings, the mortgage company is partly rewarded through the government to decrease that ratio to at least 38% through whatsoever means available. Such means consist of increase of the loan term; reduce of the interest rate as well as others. The significant thing to keep in mind here is that the lender contribution is voluntary.
  • You have not originated your loan after January 1, 2009 – Simple enough: they want to make sure you didn’t close your loan after the January 1st deadline. Any date before that is suitable.
  • The property has no more than 4 units. 5-unit or larger properties are excluded from the
  • You need to occupy the property. Rental and investment properties are excluded to make sure the plan assist those who need it most.
  • You have to be experiencing financial hardship. What this means is that you have to be able to explain the reason you can no longer afford you monthly payments. These reasons can range from dramatic increase in monthly expenses to loss or reduction of income.
  • Your current loan balance must be under $729,750 as of the 1st day of 2009
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The Obama Loan modification program at the very slightest has given supervision to a market which really needs it. At its best — millions of homeowners would once again be capable to afford their houses and our economy would start to rebound back over time through a new assurance in the housing market and our nation. So what are you waiting for get free help and advice from our loan modification lawyer, OR apply today fill up the small application form to get best modification program.

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