Low rates, low prices? If you’ve got great credit and bargaining ability you can probably do it, but for the rest of us mortals here are some ideas to help.

Get financing arranged before you shop!
Select a car you can afford that satisfies your needs before you ever set foot on the lot!
Check out rebates and sales, even if you’re buying a used car dealers in the middle of a promotion need room on their lot.

Auto showrooms and those little cubicles they put you in can feel like a pressure cooker as the friendly salesman turns up the heat so you take the car home today. Been there? Done that? Didn’t like it much?  If you prepare yourself with a plan and stick to it, the whole experience may be more pleasant.
Get your financing lined up before you go, you’ll know what you can spend and it’ll make it easier to stick to your plan. Do your car shopping at home on the internet to determine what vehicles are in your price range, whether used or new. You can afford the LE trim but not the DLX, stick to it! On a recent car purchase, a friend wanted an option which was standard on the next trim level up which was $1200 more. He got the option put on the lower trim level by the dealer for $400 saving $800 and still getting the option he wanted.
Rebates which often work out to be cheaper than lowered finance rates can help and sales events can fill the dealer’s lots with trades. This puts some pressure on the dealers to move their used inventory or send it off to the auction where they’ll most certainly get less than retail. End of the month, end of the quarter advice isn’t always sure fire either but it can often work in your favor as dealers want to turn cars to fatten their sales reports. Do your homework and you may find that you feel more in control of a process that hasn’t always felt that way in the past.
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