Cash out refinancing, the way that many American chose to finance the lifestyles they wanted to become accustomed to, is at a seventeen year low. For many the reason for being upside down in their mortgage is because they milked their cash cow dry and then watched her value plummet as the economy worsened and job losses mounted. For too many home owners the home values which fueled purchases and financed dreams are a thing of the past. While some real estate markets show signs of recovery, realtors fear a second wave of homes held off the market because of plummeting values will cause a second dip in home prices. In many markets it’s predicted that home values may take years to recover to pre-2007 values.
So, is cash out mortgage refinancing still available? The answer is yes, though lenders have become more cautious and will no longer consider the limits which they once did. More germane to the point is are there any homes whose value will still support a refinance to get cash out? And of course the answer is again, yes! However, with more and more Americans opting to pay down debt rather than go deeper into it, the next round of refinances to obtain cash won’t probably be spent on a new boat or RV. More than likely, newly frugal Americans should they choose to opt for cash out refinancing will use the money to pay down debt or to make investments which will pay them back and help to secure their future.
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