For people who have struggled with trying to keep their home but have just been unable through circumstances beyond their control to keep up payments there is foreclosure help available at The plans that are available can assist a homeowner in relinquishing his/her home while providing assistance to find other accommodations and easing some of the negative effects on their credit. Administered through a part of MHA called HAFA(Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) it provides assistance in relocating to a more affordable accommodation while providing advice and aid in a “short sale” or a DIL deed in lieu of foreclosure.
What HAFA offers to homeowners facing foreclosure is the following:

Advice from HUD approved counselors and real estate professionals at no charge
A short sale alternative which frees you from the obligation to “make Up” the difference between the sale price and what you owe
A lesser impact on your credit that a foreclosure or short sale
The possibility of up to $3000 in assistance to relocate

Eligibility requirements (provided here for guidance only, mortgage servicer determine eligibility, include:

Financial hardship for which you must provide documentation
You owe less than $729,750
Your mortgage was obtained prior to 1/1/2009
You must not have been convicted of crime involving a mortgage or real estate transaction
Your mortgage must be held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or one of the HAMP servicers you can find at under the HAFA program.

The earlier that you begin the process of applying for relief from the HAFA program the more options will be available to you. If you already explored the idea of a short sale and have a prospective buyer a form is available for you to include with your application for HAFA assistance at
If this process all seems very confusing there is help available at your financial superstore. People who can assist you in getting the information you need and starting the process in the HAFA program, and indeed in any of the programs offered under the MHA affordable programs that are designed to assist struggling homeowners. The simple application which you can find right here will begin the process, let us help you today!