Looked at your credit card statements recently? If you’re only able to make the minimum payments your baby could be a college graduate before it’s paid off! How do you get out from under that debt? You start with a plan!

a)      Assess what you owe in credit cards, revolving store charge accounts, medical bills.  Count rent, car payments, utilities etc. separately

b)      Aside from your paycheck what are your other assets? Own your home, have a savings account, stocks & bonds?

c)      Can you use any of these assets to settle debts?

Many people have found that getting out of debt can be as simple as a HELOC or Home Equity Loan or a personal loan if there credit rating is good enough. Since most all of these types of debt consolidation plan are less expensive to service than credit cards for many people this is the answer. None of this is going to do any long term good unless the spending habits that got you into this situation changes. Those who go right back to old habits find very quickly that rather than getting themselves out of debt they are more deeply in it.

With many news stories about American’s current efforts to reduce debt and to avoid incurring further debt this is one ”bandwagon” you want to get on! A plan that you set up and stick to can have you out of debt within 3-5 years and for those who have the ability to obtain a loan on their home most if not all of the interest is currently deductible. Credit card interest and other interest charges are not!

If you want help with setting up a plan, obtaining a home or personal loan you can find it right here at the LoanexFastCash.com. We have debt consolidation assistance available and most will give you the first consultation for free. After that it’s strictly under your control and you can choose whatever plans or options work best for you. The application for assistance is simple, the website secure, inquire today about help to plan your road to debt freedom!