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“After getting through a costly and emotionally draining divorce, my financial state was in ruin. It seemed like an insurmountable task to find a way to pay for my new spousal support payments, my child support payments, back taxes, and divorce attorney fees, all while trying to pay off the huge balances that had been run up on my credit cards before the divorce. Although I was fighting to keep my head above water, my financial state was only getting worse. I sold my second car and cancelled services that I could go without, like cable TV. Even so, I had to cancel my health insurance, as I could no longer afford it. Just two months later I was in a car accident with an uninsured motorist that left me in the hospital for three weeks. The medical bills were phenomenal. I was at the end of my financial rope and finally realized that I was in need of professional help.

Before the divorce, my credit rating always had been important to me, so the idea of filing for Bankruptcy protection was not comforting, but I had no other options; my IRS tax balances with interest and penalties were more than $200,000; most of my credit cards were just a month from default; I was being subpoenaed by the doctors and hospital from my car accident. I couldn’t borrow any money and I no longer had anything to sell. A friend told me about the bankruptcy services available at The Loanex Fast Cash.

After completing the bankruptcy consultation request form on your website, I was quickly contacted by a bankruptcy attorney in my area that was in The Loanex Fast Cash’s network. After answering the interview questions and telling the attorney my story and my concerns, I was amazed by how well he was able to grasp my situation. Within a few days I had received my bankruptcy package and attorney retainer. The creditor and collection agency calls stopped immediately, and I was completely out of bankruptcy and debt free in less than six months.

I do not normally give testimonials or recommendations, but in this case I feel compelled to do so. My life before bankruptcy and after bankruptcy is so radically different that I find it almost impossible to describe accurately the improvement of my condition both financially, and emotionally. Thank you for everything you have done for me, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.”

Maryanne, North Caroilina

“I am writing today to than you for the help (and hope) that you were able to provide to my husband and me. My husband and I both worked for a company that moved its operations to Mexico in 2008, and so, we lost our jobs simultaneously. I had spent the better part of my life building a good credit history, so I had a good amount of credit available to us, to help us survive while we found new jobs. Sadly for us, the jobs never came, and my credit was running out. A local non-profit credit-counseling agency worked with us to develop a budget that would keep us on track to make our credit card and other payments. This was a waste of time, because after all, we did not have jobs yet and so, how could we make those payments? At this point we knew that our only way out would be a chapter 7 bankruptcy, because it would completely wipe out our debts. The credit counselor suggested that we use a paralegal at their organization to help us file for bankruptcy. A little research on the Internet revealed that this method was not often recommended. Searching a little more led us to The Loanex Fast Cash bankruptcy services. After completing their short questionnaire, I was contacted by a respected bankruptcy lawyer in my area of the state. He was very patient and understood our situation immediately, and once we agreed for him to represent us, he was very pro-active to get our protections in place. The lawyer developed a bankruptcy plan allowing us to keep our home, automobiles, bank accounts, cards, and other personal property. Any questions or worries that we had were quickly and thoroughly addressed. We are now out of bankruptcy and my husband has found a new job. Thank you for all of your help. We now have a lot to look forward to.”

Maryanne, North Caroilina

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