The Obama administration continues to try to find ways to shore up and light a match under the housing market in the USA. Beginning with the landmark MHAP program put in place early in President Obama’s administration and continuing through December of 2013 when MHAP ends, efforts have been made to rekindle what was the engine of America’s economy. Early this year changes were made which seem to have improved the utilization of the HARP program which is the refinancing portion of the Obama affordable housing plan. Recent announcements indicate that 2012’s first 5 months have seen more refinances than all of 2011. Maybe an improving economy or at least a diminished threat of continuing job losses have had an effect but whatever the reason, it’s good news for a market segment which has been hoping for some positive developments.

Recent administration efforts have been focused on trying to get American’s back into the housing market. With historically low interest rates there has probably been no better time to buy, and with housing markets having bottomed out in much of the country not a great worry that an investment in real estate will just continue to plummet. In fact, recent articles in financial media have been touting the wisdom of purchasing in many markets as opposed to renting, reversing a trend that took hold during the depths of what has been termed “The Great Recession.”

Though no further government moves are anticipated in this election year, it may be anticipated that if the housing market continues to be drag on the US economy something will be done in the first quarter of 2013 either by the current administration or a new one. Meanwhile with the current MHAP program extended until December of 2013, a slow but steady improvement in the job picture and American’s continuing efforts to shed debt acquired in the run-up to this meltdown, the prospects for an improvement in the housing market have come out from under the dark cloud.

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