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Looking for a Car Loan in Alaska?

The Loanex Fast Cash Coast-to-Coast Auto Lender Network Specializes in Car Loans for People of All Credit Types, Good Credit or Bad. Apply Today, Ride Tomorrow!

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Alaska Online Auto Loan? This is the place for an Alaska car loan!

You live in “the last frontier” but you’re still connected for an Alaska online auto loan!

When you live outside the lower 48, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the rest of the USA. Now that the internet unites us all, no matter where you live in the 50 states you can benefit from the many services and products which it offers! Whether you seek an Alaska new car loan or one for a used vehicle, can offer you the same services that it offers in all the other parts of the country!

You’re unique Alaska, you have the highest mountain in North America, the longest coast line and some of the most pristine wilderness. But you also share some of the same needs, like vehicles and the loans to finance them. We at have been offering auto refinancing rates for credit of all types for many years, so whether it’s an Alaska online auto loan for good credit or an Alaska bad credit auto loan, we’ve got you covered!

All types of Auto loans for Alaskan’s with all types of credit!

At we offer Alaska new car loan service as well as a program for an Alaska bad credit car loan. Alaska used car loan? We’ve got them too! All of our car loans are processed by dealer/lenders right in your state, with many dealers who are in or near your largest cities! Dealers who are experienced in offering everything from new car financing to Alaska used auto loans. Dealer’s that you know and trust, experienced professionals who can offer prompt, courteous, professional service to people with credit of all types. They understand your situation and will only contact you if they can help!

Have Bad Credit? We Can Help!

For many years the internet has been the source for bad credit car loans in Alaska and the nation. We have a network of national lenders and the dealers with whom they work right in your state These Alaska dealers are professionals who can make bad credit car loan approval happen! Not people who say they can help, but in the end leave you disappointed. You can find the car financing from new cars to an Alaska bad credit car loan, right here!

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How it Works!

Fill out the simple, easy application and your request will be processed promptly by one of our network of national lenders and the local dealer with whom they work. These are dealers you know and trust, not the buy here/ pay here lots with their higher interest rates and oftentimes shady practices. With their help, you can have the vehicle you need with interest rates and terms suited to your needs. Our dealer/ lenders always do credit checks and report your on-time payments, so you get the car and an improved credit score too! Because they’re local, they have information about any specific requirements that you need to know about Alaska car ownership.

Alaska USA, auto loan services for the people who live in a unique land!

You’re unique and so are we! For more than 6 years we have been offering auto financing to people of all credit types. Alaska auto, bad credit loans are not a problem for the dealer/lenders in our network. Your private financial information is secure on our encrypted website and you will only be contacted by a dealer who can help put you in a vehicle of your choice. Help from a professional who knows the rigors of Alaskan life and the distinctive requirements of your home! We also serve auto loans in California.

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